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About Us

KAHF is an boutique Intellectual Property ("IP") firm which providing a full range of IP prosecution, management and enforcement services that extend around the globe. We deal with both domestic and international IP work alongside a network of associates from over 100 countries, bringing quality worldwide services directly to our clients, wherever they are.

Our firm decided to streamline its services with a focus on the developing areas of law, which is Intellectual Property, as well as Corporate and Commercial law field. This bold career move has allowed our firm to evolve into a service-based Intellectual Property company that is truly one of its kind.

KAHF was thus established in 2015, in continuance of our previous law practice with a specialized approach to legal services in the field of Intellectual Property, Corporate and Commercial matters. Currently we have offices in Jakarta, Indonesia and serving mostly domestic and international clients.

We will continue our efforts to offer our clients and colleagues a full range of service driven by their needs, to fulfill our vision and mission by becoming an boutique IP firm that maintains integrity, professionality and competence.

what makes us different


We are highly experienced, thoughtful in our role as Intellectual Property Attorney and Advocates, and committed to being responsive to what our clients need and demand. We LISTEN.


We are resourceful, sharp and innovative in handling case and trying cases of every kind, no matter the subject matter, size of exposure or venue involved. We THINK.


We are fearless in our defense of our clients' interests, relentless in our quest to achieve the best result possible, and formidable opponents to adversaries used to getting their way. We WIN.

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