Our People

KAHF Consulting is comprised of dedicated professional who have the experience, creativity and determination to achieve a positive result in your Intellectual Property dispute. Our professional approaches complement each other

N. Haerani


Ms. Haerani started her career as a corporate secretary in 1985 and now served as Director at KAHF Consulting. With a many experience in corporate management and understand the business needs to run legally, Ms. Haerani and her son established KAHF Consulting as a trusted and competitive partner in the client needs to run and protect their businesses in Indonesia legally.

Bagus I. Maulana


Mr. Maulana is one of the founders of KAHF Consulting. Realize that Intellectual Property is an important part and as identity of a business, it makes Mr. Maulana specializes to provide Intellectual Property protection services to the clients. During his career as Intellectual Property Consultant and Advocate, Mr. Maulana has handled many Intellectual Property application, especially Trademark application, and cases with various clients, ranging from domestic clients to foreign clients.

Yodifta Astriningrum


Ms. Astriningrum joins KAHF Consulting in 2017. In addition to being listed as the Pharmacist's profession, she also enrolled as Intellectual Property Consultant. As an Intellectual Property Consultant, Ms. Astriningrum has handled many patents, especially pharmaceutical patent.

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