Our People

KAHF is comprised of dedicated professional who have the experience, creativity and determination to achieve a positive result in your Intellectual Property issues and Corporate matters. Our professional approaches complement each other.


Jockey M. Pangaribuan, S.H.

Mr. Pangaribuan has dedicated himself as an Advocate since 2008, at the beginning of his career, he handled many commercial cases, both civil and criminal disputes. With his experience and well-relationship with the Court, Police and related Institutions, Mr. Pangaribuan has the ability to provide legal advice and dispute resolution strategies to the clients, both domestic and international clients, to protect their interests.

During his career as an Advocate, he handled many corporate cases, both litigation and non-litigation, as well as handling Intellectual Property cases since he also registered as an Intellectual Property Consultant.

Yodifta Astriningrum, S.Farm., Apt.

Ms. Astriningrum joins KAHF in 2017. In addition to being listed as the Pharmacist's profession, she also enrolled as Intellectual Property Consultant. As an Intellectual Property Consultant, Ms. Astriningrum has handled many patents application, especially pharmaceutical patent.


Harry Wirawan, S.H., M.H.

Mr. Wirawan is a Registered Intellectual Property Consultant to act before the Indonesian Intellectual Property office. He has been experienced with many patent and trademark applications ranging from domestic applicants to foreign applicants.

He started his intellectual property career with Amroos & Partners, one of the biggest Intellectual Property Firm in Indonesia, where he gains his proficient knowledge of intellectual property. In 2005, Mr. Wirawan then established HADS Partnership Law Firm where he began to expand his career in rendering the legal services. With HADS Partnership Law Firm he has handled many legal issues such as litigation, corporate, commercial issues as well as intellectual property.

In 2006 he gained his recognition in intellectual property service in Indonesia by achieving his Registered Intellectual Property Consultant certificate. During his career, Mr. Wirawan has handled many cases with various clients, ranging from domestic clients to foreign clients.

He has also participated in many national & international events and trainings especially in IP matters which he gains many knowledge and experience of Intellectual Property all around the world, including the recent Intellectual Property Protection Lawyer Training in Japan.

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