Our services is specialized in the field of Intellectual Property, however we will continue our efforts to offer our clients and colleagues a full range of service driven by their needs.

Intellectual Property

Our practices include trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights, patents and trade secrets including client consultation, preparation and registration of trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights, and patents applications, appeals, oppositions and cancellations and intellectual property litigation before commercial courts. The firm’s lawyers frequently work with clients for the purpose of seeking protection or enforcing existing rights.

The firm also counsels clients how to avoid losing patent, industrial design, trademark, copyrights and trade secret rights and how to manage an intellectual property portfolio. Moreover, intellectual property rights are considered very important, especially in the era of free trade markets and globalization that is inevitable. Protecting the right by registering to an Intellectual Property Rights office becomes an undisputed necessity because ultimately it eliminates imitability.


We understand the importance of a trademark whether it is use to start a business or as a brand to run the business. A trademark is also an effective tool to market your business. The services of trademark at KAHF Consulting covers the following aspects :

  • Trademark searches at the Trademark Office
  • Legal opinion on Trademark registrability issues
  • Trademark applications and related matters
  • Opposition, counter opposition, hearing, appeal matters
  • Renewal and withdrawal registration matters

Industrial Designs

A product requires a good design. With todays competitive market, industrial design has taken a significant part of a product and plays an important role in a success of a company.
The services of industrial designs at KAHF Consulting covers the following aspects :

  • Industrial Design searches at the Industrial Office
  • Legal opinion on registrability issues
  • Drafting description of designs
  • Industrial Design application filings
  • Industrial Design opposition and counter opposition matters


Unauthorized copying violates the rights of the author or publisher of the copyrighted work. At KAHF Consulting, we understand the importance of a copyright protection.
The services of copyright at KAHF Consulting covers the following aspects :

  • Legal opinion on registrability issues
  • Copyright application filings


Why invent if the invention is not protected. KAHF Consulting understand patents as one of the essential part of a company and we are aware of the importance in protecting an invention.
The services of patent at KAHF Consulting covers the following aspects :

  • Patent searches at the Patent Office
  • Legal opinion on registrability issues
  • Patent applications: patent process, products and simple patent (local & PCT filings) and related matters
  • Opposition, counter opposition, appeal matters


Despite recent improvements, Indonesia has an unfortunate history of trademark squatting (“trademark piracy”) and other IP violations. These activities have the potential to negatively affect your intellectual property rights in any number of ways. In situations such as these, litigation can often times be an effective solution.


Investigation can be crucial in establishing the facts surrounding a legal case. Our investigators are experts in field and a cost-effective means of substantiating your case and increasing your odds of winning.

License and Government Relation

KAHF Consulting is partners with some of the official Government Certification Boards as well as the top worldwide ones in providing facility of business certifications to support your company gaining a competitive supremacy in global market such as:

  • Establishment Deed
  • Letter of Business Permit (SIUP) and Company Registration Certificate (TDP)
  • Certification Number MD and ML for National Agency to Food and Drug Control (BPOM)
  • Halal Certification of Indonesia Ulama Council (MUI)
  • Indonesia National Standard (SNI) Certification

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